Our Working Capital management and reporting service is designed to keep our clients fully informed of about the actual and budgeted cash flow and bank positions at any time.
The world of Commercial Finance has matured greatly in the last 5 to 10 years, with an influx of new lenders operating in this market space. As a result of this development the nature of the products and terms available in Commercial Finance has also evolved.
Where once a Commercial facility would have been for a maximum of 5 years to 65% LVR and with rigid controls put in place by the lender onto the client, we are now offering 20 year loan terms to 80% LVR’s with set and forget type conditions from a range of lenders.
Together with our preferred lending partners we have an array of solutions to suit almost every commercial lending requirement be it Retail, Office or Industrial.
Our solutions stretch from non specialised simple commercial units to development finance to highly specialised securities that many lenders will not consider.
Commercial Finance is generally more complex than residential lending and as such often requires specialist understanding to ensure that your finance strategy can keep up with your acquisition strategy, your GOODWILL broker will work with you throughout the transaction process to ensure a successful outcome.