Taxation Services

The Taxation Advising Team ("TAT") of Goodwill Accountants provides expert taxation advice in a timely manner. The TAT is a dedicated group of taxation specialists with experience over 30 years in taxation. You can confidently access highly qualified and experienced consultants to obtain practical advice on all taxation matters.

Our Approach

The fundamental aim is to add value by maximizing your wealth and mitigating any tax risks. To achieve this, Goodwill Public Accountants has developed a specialist team of taxation consultants. As the domestic and international taxation landscape evolves, the TAT is there to provide proactive advice.

Core Services

The TAT provides advice on:
• Tax effective structuring for small to medium sized businesses;
• Structures for floats;
• Corporate and commercial tax planning.
• Tax effective distributions by trusts, partnerships and hybrid entities.
• Superannuation advice and structures
• Business succession planning.
• Capital gains tax and fringe benefits tax planning;
• International tax planning and structures;
• Indirect tax advice, including goods and services tax;
• State based taxes including stamp duty, payroll tax and land tax;
• Year end tax planning techniques
• Advice on the use of debt/equity instruments;
• Advice on obtaining product rulings;
• Tax litigation support including prudential audits.

BAS Services

BAS Services we provide the BAS services to the small and medium enterprises without hassle and stress, BAS service can be provided at client’s site or off site from our office.


Invoicing & Receivable management
Our invoicing and Receivable management services are designed to provide the efficient use of the working capital by providing the invoices to customers /clients on instant basis, and ensuring they pay well before the due date so that cash inflow is maximized.
• Credit control processes and systems implemented where required.
• Invoice information received from sales orders, job sheets and processed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on the volume and nature of the business.
• Invoices printed and dispatched along with goods or post sale, service invoices issued on pre set time.
• Account Statements provided on periodical intervals.
• Simplification of documentation and information so that easily filed and retrieved for inquiries.
• Payments received, banked and allocated to invoices outstanding amounts systematically followed up and noted by phone, email and snail mail.
• Critical accounts regularly reviewed with management for instructions and managed through to legal solutions where necessary.
• Weekly Receivable management report for the owner to review the outstanding status.

Working Capital Management and Reporting Service

Our Working Capital management and reporting service is designed to keep our clients fully informed of about the actual and budgeted cash flow and bank positions at any time.
• Ensure instant processing of receipts banked or payments made encourage the customers to direct transfer instead of cheques payments.
• Reconciliation of bank statements and merchant accounts.
• Electronic funds transfer.
• Every day cash flow templates.
• In case of multi currency advise about the minimizing the risk of exchange fluctuation.
• Regular bank, debtor and creditor reports to monitor cash flow status.
• Setting up the payment gate way facility for the high volume low value customers.
• Preparation of Budgeted cash flow to analyze the actual.
Payroll is very pivotal function but not a permanent till company hired certain number of employs. We will make sure that all payroll rated issue be dealt with maximum efficiency so there is not impact on business on day to day operations. We are providing following specialized services in payroll function with very competitive rates:
• Record keeping of payroll.
• Update records of Leave, long service leave and other payroll events.
• Payroll advice and relevant reports.
• Electronic funds transfer to all beneficiaries.
• Calculation of PAYG liabilities, super, work compensation and other statutory obligations.
• Preparation and finalization of Fringe Benefit tax computation.

Business Compliance Advices

For small and medium business compliance always the biggest challenge, what is happening and how it will effect day to day or monthly or yearly requirements We will make sure that these challenges are identified correctly based on business situation and right guide line provided to identifying the impact and resolutions, like:
• Statutory accounts.
• Business activity statements.
• Employee Superannuation.
• Work cover requirements.
• Preparation of accounting software.
• Implementing of accounting software.
• Business insurance cover.

Other Services

We are tax agents who specialize in the preparation of personal income tax returns our aim is to ensure the lowest tax legally payable for all our clients.
We also prepare business tax returns for partnerships, trusts, companies, superannuation funds and have particular expertise in rental properties and capital gains tax.
Our position as tax agents enables us to act on our clients behalf in dealing with the Australian Tax Office (ATO), and we offer help and advice with such related issues as Business Activity Statements and GST.
As well as providing tax preparation services, our friendly, highly-trained staff are always on hand to advise you on any tax-related matter - such as GST, PAYG and negative gearing or indeed any questions you may have regarding your personal or business accounts.
We also provide tax planning services to help legally minimize, defer & plan your tax payments. We are skilled in advising across a wide variety of situations that may arise regularly or as one-off transactions, be that for business tax, sale of shares or property, business acquisitions or disposals, or selecting the best tax structure.